SHOPX and Trillion-dollar disruption

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An “e-NFT fueled blockchain infrastructure” for one of the worlds most valuable industries, e-commerce.

Hi and welcome to altseason! This is your time to shine, OUR time to shine, so let’s get it. . .

This two-part series, “Zero to One with Splyt”, will aim to provide readers with a clear path to achieving maximum success in the very near future. We will discuss how this new innovative entry to the market can ensure your financial future with gains that will be backed by its utility.

It could be said that in altseason, gains can be made no matter where you invest in the market. At times you’ll see token projects with no working…

How to achieve success in this bull market.

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January 2021


If you are reading this then you have successfully navigated your way through what was the most chaotic year in living memory. From racially motivated murders carried out by law enforcement to a farcical Presidential Election that will go down in history for all the wrong reasons, 2020 was never short of headline news. Though, extremely impactful in their own right, these events played out as mere sub-plots in a much larger horror story that continues to unfold, Covid-19.

The global pandemic has not only forced us to rethink how we interact with our physical world, but it has…


Providing thoughts on value in the cryptocurrency market.

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