Corporations Profit off Your Data — Why Shouldn’t You?

A Blockchain enabled Social Media Mega App hits the market in July

There is a heist going on. Our data — a digital record of everything we do — is being harvested and monetized at an astonishing rate. And the companies who are taking it, in selling it, have become some of the wealthiest corporations in history.

Let’s look at the numbers.

In 2020, Facebook (which also owns Instagram and Whatsapp) generated revenue of US$86 billion, more than the GDP of Bulgaria or Sri Lanka. Alphabet, Google’s parent company (which also owns YouTube), made US$182 billion, which is over double…

DeComplicating DeFi with Dot.Finance

Beautiful UI meets ultra-simplistic UX

K.I.S.S. goodbye to difficult DeFi

If you (like me) are weary of being routinely brain punched by the jargon flinging flittery fists of indecipherable crypto degens ‘explaining’ (pfft) new DeFi protocols, have we got a treat for you.

Spoiler Alert: The following is written by a human, for human consumption. If this content mostly makes sense and your eyes aren’t bleeding in under 5 minutes, you’re on track to divorce complication and commence a hot new romance with Dot.Finance and their refreshingly uncomplicated approach to DeFi-ing. Not kidding.

Until now, the lucrative world of decentralised finance has not exactly been the…

SHOPX and Trillion-dollar disruption

An “e-NFT fueled blockchain infrastructure” for one of the worlds most valuable industries, e-commerce.

Hi and welcome to altseason! This is your time to shine, OUR time to shine, so let’s get it. . .

This two-part series, “Zero to One with Splyt”, will aim to provide readers with a clear path to achieving maximum success in the very near future. We will discuss how this new innovative entry to the market can ensure your financial future with gains that will be backed by its utility.

It could be said that in altseason, gains can be made no matter where you invest in the market. At times you’ll see token projects with no working…

How to achieve success in this bull market.

January 2021


If you are reading this then you have successfully navigated your way through what was the most chaotic year in living memory. From racially motivated murders carried out by law enforcement to a farcical Presidential Election that will go down in history for all the wrong reasons, 2020 was never short of headline news. Though, extremely impactful in their own right, these events played out as mere sub-plots in a much larger horror story that continues to unfold, Covid-19.

The global pandemic has not only forced us to rethink how we interact with our physical world, but it has…

Reaching into the lives of millions


With this weeks analysis, I aim to provide a much deeper understanding of the potential Kardiachain holds by exploring the market place it aims to lead.

In the previous articles I have been painting a positive picture via some broader thoughts and opinions. I hope this weeks article will provide clarity on the data that brings me to such a bullish stance on this novel, breakthrough tech.

In the introductory article, I made mention that the title of this series, “Zero to One”, is a reference to the much revered tech investor Peter…

The road to mass adoption

Welcome to part three of the series,

In the previous articles we have looked at Kardiachains stand-out technology, the target markets for this innovative tech and also touched on some of the positives that may result from partnerships made within the blockchain space.

In this article I will focus on the case for mass adoption of Kardiachain in Vietnam and surrounding South East Asian nation markets. We will look to real world alliances that have already been formed and attempt to better understand the implications of these collaborations for the KAI token itself.

Lets begin with one of Vietnam's largest…


This is the second article in a trilogy that aims to provide an extensive fundamental analysis of Kardiachain, a criminally undervalued player in the cryptocurrency space.

If you already read part one and are back for more then thank you, I’m taking it as a compliment. If you have stumbled across this article by chance, then I would ask you to please take a look at part one in an effort to get brought up to speed.

So, lets get started.

In addressing the technology, market participants and target markets, I hope that up to now, my line of…


This is the first in a series of three articles aimed at providing a broad understanding of a hugely ambitious, yet nascent project in the blockchain industry, Kardiachain. The opinions are my own, although my ideas on tech investments are largely attributed to the teachings of PayPal Founder and tech space ‘Thought Leader’, Peter Theil.

Zero to One describes the process of creating something radically new and taking it to the first step (vertical growth). The phrase is used in contrast to the term “1 to n” (horizontal growth), which means creating incremental improvements to what is already familiar…


Providing thoughts on value in the cryptocurrency market.

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