It’s 2021 and CRYPTO IS BACK!

How to achieve success in this bull market.

January 2021

Cometh the hour, cometh the. . .Bitcoin?

Is Michael Saylor a leading indicator in regards to modern leadership, with more tech-savvy CEO’s replacing the out-of-touch Boomers who are now at retirement age

“This time will be different.” -Some common questions

“I could have _____ if I had just ____!”

“I could have been a multi-millionaire if I had stuck to the plan!”

Deviating from your strategy invites costly mistakes
Bitcoin is the centre of this universe but other stars can exist

Star Gazing in the Crypto-verse

Polkadot understands branding and have brought something fresh to a previously aesthetically uninviting space.
Hidden gems are those that may not have ALL the “bells and whistles”, this is why they remain hidden. Simple right?




If you confuse, you lose

Understanding Value

The inherent value of a “platform blockchain”

The inherent value of networks- Metcalfe's Law


I'm glad to find myself on the same train of thought as one of the world’s greatest investors. Let’s look at some of the evidence Raoul provided for his take on Metcalfe's law relating to cryptocurrency;
Low NVM ratio points to an undervalued network

In Part 2-

Providing thoughts on value in the cryptocurrency market.