It’s 2021 and CRYPTO IS BACK!

How to achieve success in this bull market.

January 2021


Cometh the hour, cometh the. . .Bitcoin?

Despite its grave impact on many, 2020 doesn't need to cripple us. Societies around the globe have already shown how quickly they can adapt to traumatic change, as they overcome the most trying circumstances. Somehow, after death and destruction, the world's population now feels a little more connected. This beacon of hope for humanity is one of very few lighting the way forward, another. . . is Bitcoin.

Is Michael Saylor a leading indicator in regards to modern leadership, with more tech-savvy CEO’s replacing the out-of-touch Boomers who are now at retirement age

“This time will be different.” -Some common questions

“I could have _____ if I had just ____!”

Many of you reading this, who experienced the euphoria of late 2017 will have heard this statement made, and most will be able to fill in the blanks to describe their own individual regrets.

“I could have been a multi-millionaire if I had stuck to the plan!”

Three years later, after lot’s of study, reflection and an unforgiving bear market, I find myself filled with knowledge infused clarity and armed with a proven plan.

Deviating from your strategy invites costly mistakes
Bitcoin is the centre of this universe but other stars can exist

Star Gazing in the Crypto-verse

Polkadot understands branding and have brought something fresh to a previously aesthetically uninviting space.
Hidden gems are those that may not have ALL the “bells and whistles”, this is why they remain hidden. Simple right?


NEO (formerly Antshares) — open-source smart contract platform founded in 2014 by Da HongFei and Erik Zhang. Tagged by the Reddit crypto community as “the Chinese Ethereum”.


Advantage= Authority HongFei and Erik Zhang were ambitious and respected, Zhang created the dBFT protocol that many blockchain projects use today. The credentials were visible and the idea was a big one, both clear advantages for those willing to do the research.


Da HongFei listened to his community of longterm supporters, those who seen the value of the tech but agreed there needed to be a facelift. In June 2017 the team led a month-long rebranding process, engaging the community by creating a web design competition, the best design would become the new website for NEO Smart Economy.

If you confuse, you lose

Understanding Value

Understanding valuation is the best way to judge how early or late you may be on the journey of a particular project. Look to the science of networks in efforts to better evaluate them.

The inherent value of a “platform blockchain”

Many new investors in cryptocurrency get confused with what success looks like for blockchains because they apply stock market fundamental analysis tools such as Price/Earnings ratios for valuing companies/securities. In thinking this way I often read questions like;

The inherent value of networks- Metcalfe's Law

Metcalfe’s Law states that a network’s value is proportional to the square of the number of nodes in the network. The end nodes can be computers, servers and simply users. For example, if a network has 10 nodes, its inherent value is 100 (10×10=100). Add one more node, and the value is 121. Add another and the value jumps to 144. Non-linear, exponential, growth.


As an investor who simply wishes to distinguish between undervalued and overvalued, Metcalfe’s law is one of the most reliable and valuable tools I have access to.

I'm glad to find myself on the same train of thought as one of the world’s greatest investors. Let’s look at some of the evidence Raoul provided for his take on Metcalfe's law relating to cryptocurrency;
Low NVM ratio points to an undervalued network

In Part 2-

I will provide a much broader spreadsheet with hundreds of quantitative predictions built-in. I will also elaborate more on why Polkadots success is bullish for KardiaChain and how the two will co-exist as facilitators of interoperability on the fabric of “Internet 3.0”, the Internet of Value.

Providing thoughts on value in the cryptocurrency market.

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