Zero to One with Kardiachain

The Problem-

Since the birth of the Bitcoin blockchain 11 years ago, we have seen hoards of developers and tech entrepreneurs flood into the space hoping to take this fascinating new technology mainstream. It is perhaps just a coincidence that the famous gold rush of 1848 took place not too far from Silicon Valley, where we see its modern day reflection generating just as much excitement.

Challenges of Blockchain adoption as identified by The European Space Agency

Opportunity -

The worlds largest organisations both private and public, have for the past 5 years or more, been carrying out feasibility studies and applicability piloting across all sectors, they attempt to weigh up the true value that a move towards blockchain based solutions will offer.


The enormity of such an achievement cannot be overstated.

What is Absolute Advantage?

Gradually, then Suddenly.


Many projects in the cryptocurrency space attempt to generate hype by proclaiming their plans will disrupt the space on a global scale. They do this in an effort to garner the support of price speculators who quickly rush to throw money at such grand plans.

Hospitable environment

Many nation states across the globe have reacted negatively to the advent of blockchain. Some choosing to slow its development with strict and suffocating regulatory frameworks. One can only assume that this is due to the fear of disruption. For some leaders all they see is new trust issues, privacy concerns and change.

Vietnam is in a period of exponential growth with technology as the key driver

Cause for change

In this industry we often hear rumours about potential “partnerships with enterprise” and at times “ties to the government of ____” fill in the blank. I often hear these claims dismissed outright as notions of a fantasist. Most of the time, I fully agree.

Geleximco Group operate across Real Estate, Banking and Financial Markets



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