Zero to One with Kardiachain -Pt2

The enthusiasm for Kardiachain in Asia is clear to see

The Value of Partnering

Blockchain projects are renowned for leveraging their marketing through partnerships that will potentially grow their business. Due to hopeful enthusiasm by all market participants, there are many opportunities for partnerships. The key is choosing partners who add value.

“A Defi project has just announced a partnership with Coinbase. . because it listed $USDC.. LOL”

After I stopped LOL’ing myself, I considered the obvious takeaway from this meme worthy reality. . . “partnership” announcements will continue to have little impact on short term price action. This is not 2017, everyone is a little bit wiser (I hope). The narrative here has worn thin and without mutually beneficial partnerships yielding results then the impact they have will naturally gravitate towards zero.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” — Albert Einstein

When analysing the partnerships of a project I separate them into the most obvious categories, “crypto” and real life.

The parabolic growth curve depicts the exponential gain in value for platform model network effects
Charting network effects: Source NFX Bible
Linear trajectory- showing move towards critical mass before exponential valuation growth
Kardiachain $15m juxtaposed onto NEO chart in the same stage of its cycle , pre mainnet and critical mass

The Perfect Storm

I firmly believe that sentiment has had a huge bullish uptick in recent months, this has been visible with many micro/small cap projects achieving 10x+ gains. Large caps are beginning to wake up and I feel for the first time in three years we have the potential to once again see vast amounts of wealth generation.

The bitcoin analyst known as PlanB revealed an update to the bitcoin stock-to-flow model — suggesting bitcoin could be about to soar toward $100,000 per bitcoin in the next few months.
Covid-19 has led to unprecedented “stimulus” , infinite supply further strengthening the bull-case for Bitcoin
Practice “low time preference”, it always wins.

Next up

Having discussed the main advantages of partnerships within the blockchain space, part 3 will take a closer look at multiple agreements with large conglomerates in the real world.



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