Zero to One with Splyt -Part 1

An “e-NFT fueled blockchain infrastructure” for one of the worlds most valuable industries, e-commerce.

Hi and welcome to altseason! This is your time to shine, OUR time to shine, so let’s get it. . .

This two-part series, “Zero to One with Splyt”, will aim to provide readers with a clear path to achieving maximum success in the very near future. We will discuss how this new innovative entry to the market can ensure your financial future with gains that will be backed by its utility.

It could be said that in altseason, gains can be made no matter where you invest in the market. At times you’ll see token projects with no working team or product, surging in value. This anomaly can be both confusing and frustrating for investors who seek out strong fundamentals and attempt to weigh them against the current market price, only to watch those coins with no solid fundamentals go on insane bull runs whilst their pick is struggling to pick up any traction at all.

My hope is that after reading this analysis you disarm any unhealthy temptations to “chase pumps” and really make a concerted effort to capitalize on the crypto education you have taken this much time and effort to acquire. I am fully aware that my audience of readers is, for the most part, experienced and knowledgable, those who are not, are obviously in the process of trying to be.

Avoid “aping” into the “much wow-ness” of Dogecoin. I understand it isn't easy mentally when you wake up in the morning and check your portfolio to see “-25%”, you then head over to crypto-twitter in search of what caused the dump on your fundamentally exceptional assets, on arrival you are savagely confronted by images of large green candles, the likes of which your charts haven't witnessed in weeks.

It’s perfectly normal to feel the hope drain out of your system as you read about another 100% pump of “the dog coin” led by a real-life hybrid of Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark, it is also understandable that you may ponder the legitimacy of an honest and thoughtful investment strategy.

Understand this, Elon Musk has already made it, he can afford satire.

Stick to your approach, you are right but realise that due diligence is a derisking process, it alone cannot guarantee success, for this you must reconsider your entry points.

Maximize the effectiveness of your due diligence by placing greater consideration in timing.

Strong fundamentals + Great timing = Success

For most, the missing ingredient to their strategy is timing. This can be the difference between life-changing financial gains and crushing financial losses, so it is imperative to not only be right but also to be early!

You cannot get much earlier than the opportunity presented by the team at Splyt

A project yet to hit exchanges but has my utmost attention. I stumbled across the whitepaper whilst carrying out market research in an area I have become very familiar with this last 6 months, e-commerce. Due to my position within the team at KardiaChain, I was given some very exciting visuals of what the future of online commerce may look like in Asia. I was shown that change involving blockchain is not only possible but is well and truly in progress.

I have been fortunate enough to have had deep one-on-one discussions with key players in the Southeast Asian e-commerce market and have been privy to the developments unfolding in that region of the world. Blockchain for e-commerce is happening, the question of exactly how it is effectively utilised is slowly but progressively being answered and the crypto space will see some of these answers play out in the real world over the coming weeks and months.

To stumble across Splyt before its release I feel like I have unearthed not just a single diamond in the dirt but a diamond deposit so large it could make Elon Musk jealous. I plan to mine this deposit by joining the whitelist, if I miss out on that then I’ll have my ETH ready to buy on launch and on every dip for its 1st parabolic advance. A tactic that has never failed me when it comes to timing in bull markets.

A recent example of this was PAID Network, the project backed by uber-successful investment fund Master Ventures. It was hyped and not easy to get in early on but buying each early dip has rewarded those who bet on its potential.

PAID token had multiple buying opportunities on release
PAID token had many buying opportunities in the 2 week period post-release, assuming you are too late simply because you miss out on the whitelist opportunity can be costly.


A real solution, to a real BIG problem

Anti-trust — A sticker placed on a road sign in Seattle

The word Amazon and the world of e-commerce go hand-in-hand. There is now an entire generation who associate the word with shopping first and the world’s largest tropical rain forest last. The utility of their online stores is not in question, the model has revolutionised how we shop and opened the consumer up to a much wider array of products and sellers. This should be a good thing, yet the questions around Amazon’s core values (none discovered) and poor ethics (vast array) remain. Let’s consider some of what we see;

Price fixing

Tax avoidance

Animal cruelty

Poor working conditions

Consumer data misuse

The list goes on and on, but the above is what we see consistently. It paints an ugly picture of the worlds largest online market place, a market place where Jeff Bezos unashamedly positioned his business to directly manipulate users via the misuse of customer data. One of the most powerful tactics used is to push consumer attention towards the purchasing of its own-brand products before those of its 2.5m small business owners.

In an industry set to breach $10trillion in value this year, there is a major concern around the unfair advantages visible in today's market. Bezos has become something akin to the stereotypical villain in a superhero movie, rich beyond belief and with a dangerous thirst for total domination.

In a world reeling with the havoc caused by Covid-19, Bezos has seen his net worth expand by $50billion, whilst 40 million Americans were placed on the unemployed list. Those hardworking, tax-paying Americans were issued stimulus cheques of $1200, now some six months later after much political haggling, a further $600 is being offered to the victims of the covid-19 economic impact. Considering these paltry handouts in a time of financial crises, the news that Amazons founder and Chief (former) was earning $300,000 per minute seems pretty wrong/unfair. Something needs to change, and it needs to change fast, if not, then budding entrepreneurs and SME’s in the e-commerce space are further forced out of the market by the bullying tactics of the oligopoly of big tech and in particular Amazon.

David vs Goliath?

It is important to understand the true value proposition of Splyt and to do that we should start with removing any idea that its purpose is to disrupt Amazon, it isn't. As investors, we often unwittingly seek to find heroic ideas that imagine a world without the bad actors, those large institutions who seek to stamp out the dreams of minnows and suck the life from our micro-economies.

In crypto, we are guilty of applying this ideological approach in spades. I prefer to take a measured approach to investing, just as I do in life, I believe there is an unnecessary risk taken when imagining what we want, rather than what we need. What we want is often beyond possible, even in an industry of boundless possibilities, whilst what we need is often right in front of us.

Splyt is what e-commerce needs

I am not attempting to place Splyt as the hero in this story because with a market capitalisation of $835K on listing vs Amazons $1.7T there is roughly 2,000,000x of a gap, of course, if Elon Musk gets in on the whitelist then we may get what we want but let's not get our hopes up. My subtitle description of Splyt may seem to suggest I believe this technology to be the disruptor, I don’t.

In my opinion, the real impact of Splyt will be about facilitation and empowerment, in particular, the facilitation of unbiased marketplace efficiency, trust and equality that will lead to the empowerment of brands, vendors and online store owners as they seek to recapture customers lost to the severely unequal environment they function in today.

It is they who are the real heroes in this story, it is they who act as “David” to Amazon’s “Goliath” and thanks to Splyt’s novel idea, it is they who will be the disruptors.

The battle is not lost for small business owners, they can utilise Splyt as their weapon and strike the giant between the eyes

The Tech

If I am taking the time to review a project, one of the most important resources is the project whitepaper. My ritual involves viewing it off-screen, reading them in print. It’s a little old school but I just like to have the paper in my hand so that I can give it all my attention and not be distracted by my open youtube tabs, clicking on “THE 1000 MOST EPIC FAILS OF 2020” can see me lose hours of precious research time.

At 62 pages long I didn't have enough ink. My thoughts were conflicted, I was both disappointed and impressed. I couldn't hold the paper in my hand but damn was I reading something focused, detailed and understandable. It made me want to open my own e-store and use the token.

The e-NFT model solves multiple pain points in the industry such as double spending on inventory, a common problem that results in unfulfilled orders, bad reviews and damage to seller reputation. These pain points cause critical losses in margin potential, in a game of very fine margins.

On top of the problems being solved, the tokenomics also allow for a built-in DeFi tool that enables stock-backed collateralized loans. This access to quick capital could be THE differentiator utility of Splyt that means survival rather than foreclosure for struggling businesses who for example may have been impacted by unforeseen supply chain issues that have caused major disruption to their customer service and money flow.

The value of a built-in, decentralized and speedy financial service that isn't going to charge insane interest rates or slow the loan process to a halt with lengthy credit checks should not be underestimated. Especially in a multi-trillion dollar industry crying out for such a tool.

Rather than turn this article into a technical review that could only offer a fraction of understanding to the application of Splyt’s e-NFT powered infrastructure, I would recommend a review of the one-pager (link at bottom). Or watch this recent review on youtube (39 minutes in.)

There is obvious excitement surrounding the project, as explained, it's very easy to see why. I have always aimed to provide analysis on blockchain applications that I believe bring real-world solutions to real-world problems and the use-case here is one of the most exciting I have seen yet.

I want to go deeper into how this technology can enable more sustainable business models and economies right across the world, discuss how millions (possibly billions) of consumers can be better served as a result of Splyt as well as seek to learn more about the strategy needed to achieve adoption.

Part 2 + Q&A Competition $500 up for grabs

Let’s pause here and revisit Splyt in part two where it is my aim to dig further into the team who make up the project, I plan to reach out to them via telegram so please do me a huge favour and think of the questions you would most like to ask the team, when you have come up with one, please post them in the Splyt channel and tag me so that I pick them up.

Only one question is allowed per person, so it needs to be your best effort, this should ensure the quality over quantity and avoid spamming the channel!

I will select the 5 best questions and give $100usdt to each person who asked them.

Join Telegram where my handle is @BANKLESS21





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